Asking the question

Asking the question I wasn’t going to share this story outside of my coaching group but one of my clients said “Adam, you should.”

“If it means one more person realises ‘this is a thing’ and does it, then it will be worth it.”

This story is totally unrelated to marketing — but it is ALL about marketing.

So here we are.

I’m in hospital as I write this to you because I’m a bone marrow match with a recipient who needs a transfer.

As the donor, I have started daily injections to boost my bone marrow stem cell production. 

In 5 days we’ll do the actual extraction/donation and it will be sent off to the recipient.

I’ve been on the bone marrow donor registry for a few years now.

Because I was asked to. Simple as that.

Of course I said yes because I knew it could help someone who needs it, but it started with a question.

My journey actually started way earlier.

Half a lifetime ago, I got in the habit of giving blood when the Red Cross Blood Bank van came onto the university campus every 3 months.

Volunteers stood outside the van and asked the question, “would you like to donate blood today?”

I said “yeah, sure.”

After years of regular donations, a nurse asked me “would you like to donate plasma as well?”

I said “yes, sure”.

Years later again, a nurses asked me “would you like go on the bone marrow registry?”

I said “yes, sure”.

When I matched with a recipient, they asked “would you like to proceed with the bone marrow donation?”

I said “of course”.

Each time, it started with a simple question.

I didn’t actively seek them out and insist on donating blood, plasma or bone marrow.

However because they asked a simple question, it started a conversation which lead to a successful outcome for both of us.

I presume you can see the similarities with what you’re doing with you marketing and lead gen.

If you don’t ask the question, your clients can’t say yes.

In a few days I’ll ask you the question if you’d like to know about my new course. It’s the DIY version of my coaching program — keep an eye on your inbox.



PS. Some marketers might be reading this thinking… you could’ve got a way higher click rate if you’d used the Title: I’m in hospital but I think you’d agree, that’s not my style.

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