April 14, 2024


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Touches of Agriculture on West Africa International locations

Agriculture has been the mainstay of any West African Region, specifically Nigeria and Ghana. Agriculture, to be incredibly candid, is not only about foods generation it involves rearing of animals, forestry, botany, horticulture and so on. The agricultural sector for a quite extended time has been the main financial backbone of most West African nations, pretty specially Nigeria ahead of the discovery of the so termed liquid gold (crude oil).

It is a truism that person and animal are not able to survive without having meals, dresses and shelter. We shall see explore in this article how Agriculture has assisted in proffering panacea to these. In this regard, the proper issue to do is define what Agriculture signifies in these a manner that a lay person can comprehend. It is outlined as an artwork and science of producing crops and rearing of animals for man use. Some of its branches I mentioned before on. The simple fact is the impacts of Agriculture on West Africa, to be pretty candid simply cannot be over-emphasized. The sector presents work chances in numerous distinctive strategies for persons. It enhances their living common it supplies uncooked components for industries, most primarily the producing industries provision of shelters and apparel. Agriculture is also a viable source of overseas trade.

One particular thing that baffles me is that most of these West African nations primarily Nigeria that prides alone as a person of the Agricultural giants in the earth now bask in the euphoria of the previous. The discovery of oil in Nigeria I will describe as a curse to Agriculture. The methods of Agriculture have been at the reduced ebb we no lengthier identify that it is the bedrock of even technological advancements that we operate just after right now. Nigeria for instance has been blindfolded by the oil fortunes we are so substantially dependent on oil that we are not able to even explore prospective areas. It is this more than dependence on oil that is creating major problems in Nigeria today.

The real truth is any nation that is fascinated in development have to be ready to just take Agriculture really seriously. This is simply because it is the precursor that is needed for such nation to attribute in foreseeable future breakthroughs. I will hereby advise Nigerian governing administration to retrace its actions again and accord the acceptable priorities to Agriculture. You see, Nigeria has a whole lot of untapped potentials in phrases of natural assets. We have broad land mass in the northern section of the country and the thick rain forest in the south. These are purely natural endowments that the nation can harness for better benefits. With all these tips in brain, I think the place can be able to diversify and maximize its potentials in direction of bigger developments and improved everyday living for citizens.