April 15, 2024


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How to engage customers with new products?

Companies often introduce new products to stay relevant in their customers’ minds. But have you considered using a custom Polaroid film to launch them? A photo helps you create an experience that customers will remember and share with their friends and family. To achieve this, the branded instant photo should be designed to relate to the product and show the customer enjoying it. It’s also crucial to showcase customers’ impressions of the product to others. Events like photo booths, social media contests, and user-generated content campaigns can help achieve this. For example, a beverage company could host a photo booth at a music festival where attendees take photos with branded props while enjoying their drink. The company can then encourage customers to share their pictures on social media using a specific hashtag, allowing others to see how much fun they had while trying the product.

custom Polaroid film

Reach people wherever they are

Nowadays, live launches of products through the Internet are typical, but what about those who can’t attend? Including a link in the custom Polaroid film allows event attendees to access more information about the product wherever they are. Using tools such as ZOOM, you can record the faces of people attending online, create videos, and generate content to post on your social networks. You will be able to show people who attended in person and those who attended online. This strategy promotes the event on social media and reaches potential customers across multiple channels. Remember that your audience is not limited to just one social network. Expanding your reach increases the chances of attracting more customers and generating buzz around your product.

Don’t forget social media

In the modern business world, social media is a powerful tool for reaching a vast audience. Companies can use these platforms to promote and document their events. Businesses can generate interest and engagement around their upcoming events by incorporating a custom Polaroid film. When sharing event details on social media, it’s essential to showcase the branded instant photo and provide a simple message that entices people to attend. For example, a statement like “Be part of our exclusive event and take home a memorable branded photo” can spark curiosity and excitement among potential customers. Curiosity drives action, and the more people who attend your event and share their experiences on social media, the more you can amplify your reach and connect with new customers. With a bit of creativity, planning and determination, you can create events that have the potential to go viral.