How To Boost Your Construction Company in 2024

4 key strategies to enhance your construction project management in 2024 -  PlanRadar - HR

Since the pandemic, one of the industries that has seen a huge amount of growth is the construction industry. This was quite unexpected as construction is very much an ‘in-person’ industry, however it has recovered the most quickly in the years following the end of lockdown. Furthermore, recent developments in sustainability and the push for green living has meant that construction companies need to be on board with energy-efficiency and net zero – which has resulted in more work. Here are 4 key ways you can take your construction company to the next level in 2024. 

Invest In Your Staff 

One of the best things you can do if you want to grow your construction company even further in 2024 is to invest in your staff’s skills through qualifications. Your staff may have years of experience and may be very competent in their occupational roles, however, without an NVQ in construction they won’t be able to prove their skills on bigger sites. Helping your staff achieve their qualifications could help you access more funding, get bigger contracts, and expand your business as well as supporting your team to grow. 

Pay Attention To The Industry 

The biggest mistake that people in the construction industry make when it comes to expanding their company is neglecting industry developments. Recently, many construction workers have been left out of work because their CSCS cards have become invalid. This is due to grandfather rights ending CSCS cards issued under industry accreditation are no longer able to be used on the job site. This has meant that a lot of people with a blue or gold CSCS card have not been able to work in their usual jobs, which they are more than qualified to do – so don’t let yourself be caught out! 

Use Social Media 

If you’re a construction company, one of the best tools that you can use has to be your social media accounts. Social media can be used as a digital portfolio for potential clients to see your work, and can be used to facilitate conversation between you and your clients. Many people now use social media to find companies to work with – so you need to make sure you have a social media presence. If you don’t, you could be losing out to construction companies that do use social media. 

Find Funding Opportunities 

There are many funding opportunities available in the world of construction that could help you take your company to the next level. For example, CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) may be able to help you with the costs of upskilling your workers. CITB grants can be used to subsidise the costs of getting your workers NVQs, so you can boost your company without a fuss. You may also be able to find local funding opportunities within your area that could help you upskill your staff and get the support you need to expand. 

By taking these four key tips into consideration, you could considerably boost your construction company and see significant growth in 2024.