Entrepreneurialism – Why It Starts with Home Businesses

True entrepreneurship starts at home – just ask Steve Jobs or Bill Gates! Not long ago, I was listening to a video online by Guy Kawasaki, the guru of Garage Start-ups as he explained how ideas and concepts turn into businesses, and how the drive of an entrepreneur shines bright, also how as businesses grow from home-based small enterprises and eventually take over the living-room, den, and garage. Do you have any idea how many great businesses started out with such humble beginnings in such small spaces?

My dad when he was young used to live in Silicon Valley, long before the name ever took hold. He used to play with the Packard Family kids, of Hewlett Packard, and he told me of their garage being a little technology like experimental office of sorts. Ever wonder why these things happen like this? It’s simple – it’s because entrepreneurialism starts with a home-based businesses, because that is where the ideas originate and when you have a great idea, you just start, where ever you are.

Why get a big office, and sign a 10-year lease, spend $1,000s of dollars on office furniture, besides if you want to be successful at anything, you have to take your passion and simply run with it. Now then, perhaps you have the entrepreneurial itch, and maybe you’ve been thinking for a long time about starting your own business, but you been chicken up until this point. Well, if you are ready to take that plunge into your own business, perhaps now might be the time.

Maybe you can build a great organization, and a superb business by starting right there in your own home, or perhaps in your garage as some of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time had done. It is just excellent to see that in America that is still possible. In many countries it isn’t. In some countries it takes 18 months to two years just to get a business license. In the United States you can go get a business license tomorrow, and start your business that same day.

I guess my biggest question to you is why haven’t you done this yet? After all, Entrepreneurialism really starts with a home business. That’s how I started my business, my first company when I was 12 years old. And believe me if a 12-year-old can do it so can you. Indeed, I hope you will please consider this and I wish you all the future success in your home-based small business. Entrepreneurs unite!