Common Consumer Product Industry Careers and Jobs

When it comes to the day-to-day operations of the local Walmart or the selling of goods at the perfume counter in a department store, there are many different careers and jobs to consider within the consumer product industry. With varying levels of education and experience, individuals may soon pursue employment within retail, which spans sales, management, and executive positions.

As a Retail Store Manager, one plans and directs the everyday operations associated with a retail store. Managers create strategies that improve customer service, as well as aim to increase the overall sales of a store. Their main goal is to increase productivity and profitability. A manager looks after the needs of the customer and makes sure that complaints are resolved in a timely manner, overseeing speedy and efficient employee service. A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is often required for this position with at least 5 years of experience in the field. It is important for a Retail Store Manager to be able to lead and direct the work of others, which earns them a typical annual salary of between $40,673 and $53,935.

A Retail Sales Person focuses on selling goods and making sure customers are helped as they browse the selling floor. Usually, a high school diploma or its equivalent with no experience is acceptable enough to obtain this type of position. A sales person is expected to follow instructions and pre-set regulations in order to perform the functions of this job. People in sales always work under immediate supervision and receive hourly salaries that are often based upon a work year that fluctuates around 2,080 hours. This position is also offered through part-time, full-time, contract, and seasonal opportunities. Full-time retail sales staff typically earn between $17,866 and $25,183.

A Full Time Retail Cashier is in charge of ringing up sales and placing purchased items into bags. A high school diploma or its equivalent is generally required of this position, although no experience is necessary. A retail cashier typically receives an annual income between $17,542 and $20,668 when working full time.

A District Retail Sales Manager is responsible for watching over a collection of Senior Store Managers within a targeted geographic region. Usually, retail sales managers possess a bachelor’s degree with at least 10 years of experience within the field. An array of duties is expected of them, where they often report to a Regional Retail Store Manager. The typical salary for this type of management position is between $65,201 and $92,827.

As a Retail Store Operations Executive, the overall store operations and profits become the main responsibilities of this position, as they guide a variety of staff tasks. It is important to note that this position does not entail any buying or accounting duties. With a bachelor’s degree and at least 15 years of experience in the field, one may pursue this career path, obtaining an annual salary between $166,001 and $282,480.

To make sure the response to consumer products is beneficial for the growth of a company, the Director of Customer Service is in charge of directing and watching over the concepts implemented in regards to the organization of customer service policies, goals, and directives. Directors develop and establish various procedures and policies that workers are responsible for following when handling customer complaints regarding consumer products. The director is required to possess a bachelor’s degree with at least 10 years of experience in the field. The typical salary for this type of director is seen between $87,976 and $132,879.

Working in the Consumer Products Industry: United States & Canada

When looking for satisfying employment within the consumer product industry in the United States or Canada, a wealth of satisfying job opportunities exists. For example, health care is an important part of landing a job. A few companies actually pay 100% of their employee’s health-care premiums, including Valero Energy and Whole Foods Market.

To locate the positions (according to company) that provide some of the best compensation, consider the following businesses and their average annual pay: Whole Foods Market (Associate Store Team Leader; $72,894), Publix Super Markets (Store Manager; $103,981), REI (Retail Store Manager; $87,519), IKEA North America (Sales Manager; $58,487), Nordstrom (Sales Department Manager; $48,500), Nugget Market (Store Director; $98,833), and Wegmans Food Markets (Store Department Manager; $47,775).

Additional companies that offer reasonable employment within the consumer products industry includes QuikTrip, Starbucks, JM Family Enterprises, CDW Corporation, and Timberland.